Novosibirsk + Akademgorodok

This tour will help you make a better impression about Novosibirsk – not only «The siberian metropolis», but also a city of science and education.

In the central part of the city you will get to see

  • the most iconic architectural complex – Lenin square and its historical buildings;
  • «City beginning» park – the riverside promenade and monument of the first railroad bridge.

Later, in Akademgorodok (the City of science) you will see its unique objects:

  • The House of Scientists (the cultural center and museum)
  • Lavrentiev (the Academgorodok founder) manor house
  • Zolotodolinskaya street, where the cottages of first academicians were built
  • The Monument to the Laboratory Mouse
    and so on.

The road from Novosibirsk to Akademgorodok goes through Bugrinsky bridge (the spectacular bridge with the biggest arch span in Europe) and Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Station. 

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Novosibirsk + Akademgorodok