About Us

“Selfi-tour”, the tourist company, de jure was founded in February, 2018. De facto, though, we’ve been working in tourism and travel since 1993.

We in our team have a job experience in completely different fields of work, all of them related to tourism. We worked in flight industry, in national-level travel companies, guided and interpreted for a small and big groups of tourists, organized, developed and booked tour packages. And we have, naturally, been to a lot of places, local and abroad. And of course, we’ve travelled Siberia all the way through.

We are proud to have such expertise, since it’s been developed over many years.

But most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to organize quality tours to Siberia  – and to do it with pleasure! Siberia Touristic is the brand name in our company to receive foreign travelers.

In accordance to russian law, we are accredited and licensed as a tour operator for international incoming tourism.

In addition to this, we also engaged in national and outbound tourism for russian travelers; our second website, selfi-tour.ru, is dedicated to it.

Is it even worth mentioning that we ourselves travel our region a lot? We genuinely love the places where we send our guests.

We sincerely want to make you fall in love with our wast and beautiful Siberia, no matter what happens in the international politics and public opinions.

Why Book with Us

We are one of your best choices to travel Siberia, Altai and Novosibirsk region


We ARE responsible people and we will never leave you unattended. We know how it feels to be a tourist in a foreign country, especially in a place as unfamiliar as Russia


We quickly respond to your requests, we use all kinds of instant messengers, you can easily find us on social media. Choose your most convenient way of communication and get in touch!


We have a lot of personal experience in our job! We’ve been on rafting trips, climbed the Altay mountains, traveled to european capital cities, met and greeted a lot of tourist groups and issued a countless amount of flight tickets!

We ask you and actually listen

Tell us about your trip requirement. Your preferences matter to us, and we do not just sell the same tour packages to everybody. We always ask guests about their preferences and what they want to see.

We care

We treat customers as our personal guests, so that they fell in love with Siberia as much as we do!


We have a license to receive foreign tourists and we do not take it for granted.

Our Services

We will provide you with a full range of services organizing your trip!

Hotel booking

Hotel booking

We work both with local accomodation services and worldwide booking systems!

Local transfer

Local transfer

We will book or provide transport according to your route and group size, from car to bus!

Ticket reservation

Ticket reservation

We have our own ticket office and ready to arrange ticket reservation for you, airline and railroad!

Guide services

Guide services

We can offer reliable tour guides and interpreters to maximize your exprience from the tour!

Personalized tours

Personalized tours

The tours presented on our website are not all we can offer! Let us help you to create your own journey.

Itinerary guidance

Itinerary guidance

For some of our tours we will provide you with local guide services. Travel safely and consciously!

Local business partners

Local business partners

We can help you find companies in Siberian region that can be useful for your business.

Photo tours in Altai

Photo tours in Altai

We will help you to arrange photo tours in Altai and happily show you the most scenic places!

Our Team

Our team consists of enthusiastic people whose goal is to show to our customers the genuine and unique beauty of Siberia and to make your experience here as interesting and comfortable as possible!

Elena Fisichko


Elena has been  working in  travel and tourism related services  since 1993. University of Civil Aviation graduate. Experienced in managing her own travel agency, working for a national-level tour operator, for a major Russian airline. Has been to more than 20 foreign countries herself. An avid traveler and …

Anna Ivantsova

Travel agent

Anna has been in travel business since 2004. Domestic travel and travel group escorting was her field of work since the beginning of her career. NSTU graduate in Socio-cultural Services and Tourism. Professional communication interpreter. Anna has more than 10 years experience in a tour …

Elena Kalachikova

Airline ticket manager

In the field of tourism since 1991. Experience in a tour operator company since the establishment of tourism in Russia. She was engaged in the formation of national teams and the development of foreign routes, advertising and promotion of tours. Education — NSTU, plus a …