Kolyvan, village of merchants

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The village of Kolyvan is the most historical settlement of the namesake district – a place that was supposed to become the capital of Siberia, but wasn’t lucky enough.
Located near the river Chaus, a part of the Ob basin, the village used to be the biggest and richest of the district. The distance from Novosibirsk is 50 kilometers to the north.

“Kolyvan, village of merchants” – one of the most popular excursions in Novosibirsk region. A tour to a historical settlement with its wooden architecture and log houses with ornate carvings, and stone mansions of the merchants of the 19th century. The settlement is more than 200 years old and since 1990 Kolyvan has been included in the register of historic villages of Russia.

The tour programme includes:

  • story of Chauss Ostrog (wooden fortress)
  • visit to local history museum located in Zhernakov House
  • visit to Pokrovskiy Aleksandro Nevskiy monastery
  • sightseeing tour to Alexander Nevski cathedral
  • and Saint Nicholas monument.

For whom it can be interesting:

For those who want to see a simple life of the siberian rural town with a historical past not too far from the city; for people interested in small local museums.

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Kolyvan, village of merchants