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There are many ways to learn more about Siberia! Some tourists prefer sightseeing nature tours, some prefer to look at urban history and imagine life as it was here decades and centuries ago. Some people, though, don't want to limit themselves with seeing and need to challenge themselves, to get through, to feel the taste of adventure!

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About us

We in our team have a job experience in completely different fields of work, all of them related to tourism. We have, naturally, been to a lot of places, local and abroad. And of course, we’ve travelled Siberia all the way through.

All you can find on this website is only a small part of what we have to offer to you.
Any of our tours may be your destination or merely a fraction of a bigger Siberian journey. Choose places you want to see, let us know about it, and we will create a full tour package for you!

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We are one of your best choices to travel Siberia, Altai and Novosibirsk region.


We ARE responsible people and we will never leave you unattended. We know how it feels to be a tourist in a foreign country, especially in a place as unfamiliar as Russia.


We quickly respond to your requests, we use all kinds of instant messengers, you can easily find us on social media. Choose your most convenient way of communication and get in touch!


We have a lot of personal experience in our job! We’ve been on rafting trips, climbed the Altay mountains, traveled to european capital cities, met and greeted a lot of tourist groups and issued a countless amount of flight tickets!

We ask you and actually listen

Tell us about your trip requirement. Your preferences matter to us, and we do not just sell the same tour packages to everybody. We always ask guests about their preferences and what they want to see.

We care

We treat customers as our personal guests, so that they fell in love with Siberia as much as we do!


We have a license to receive foreign tourists and we do not take it for granted.